Put An End To Those Round Brush Blues


Do round brushes, or just the thought of using one, truly frighten you? Well I can say that even after a year of cosmetology school, my fear of round brushes did not cease to exist. Actually, it crippled my desire to work in a hair salon for the fear of a client who'd like to be styled with a round brush!! Why was I so bad at round brushing? The hair would either fall off the brush or get stuck in the hair... my mom never taught me, that's for sure, and why after countless teachings at school did my skills not improve? Then Finally I had that, "AH HA" moment! This was 3 years after hair school!! When I first moved to NYC I met a stylist named Mune, who you may know since she works at Bloom!! Before Bloom, I had worked with her at another NYC salon and she's the one who gave me my "AH HA" moment. She taught me that a round brush should do all the work FOR YOU. So, now I'm sharing with you what Mune shared with me, once upon a time...

A round brush should:

A) Never get stuck in the hair (This problem is very common with round brushed that have plastic bristles with little round dots of plastic on the ends) B) Give tension when pulled through the hair C) Should be able to pick up the hair just by placing it against the head (rather then pick the hair up and place it on the brush)

The miracle brush (Ibiza Brush) that Mune introduced me to changed my life. It wasn't my awful skills that prevented me from learning it was my awful brush! Now I never plug in that flat iron, and getting a perfect frizz-free blowout is easy as pie...mmmm pie......

If you'd like to learn how to round brush your hair give us a call and set-up a normal blowdry appointment with me Clarissa. I'll be glad to teach you and mention this blog to RECEIVE 15% OFF your purchase of our miracle round brush!!

XO Clarissa