Bloom's Facelift Part 1

Today I left for a wedding in CA and I have to say that having internet on my flight is amazing because I can blog while flying 30,000 feet above everyone. I love technology!

If you don't already know me (Clarissa) then you wouldn't know that I'm a DIY superstar! I love to do everything myself. It's so much more rewarding when you accomplish something on your own. Going into the renovations I knew I was going to need help. I know how to use a hammer but give me a saw and I might lose a finger. That doesn't mean I wont try but I tend to be quite clumsy.

For this round of renovations I asked my amazing family if they'd like to get their 2 cents in and join the hard hat party. Surprisingly they couldn't wait to be apart of it. I feel very lucky to have a family that wants to be involved and help. I think it's a rare quality and I can't tell them enough how appreciative I am of their hard work and time.

When we told our Bloomers that we were closing for renovations everyone was surprised and interested in what kind of changes we were going to make. The salon has only been open for a year but in that year we've outgrown ourselves. This has been a huge issue and we wanted to find a way to rectify it. So we moved the dressing rooms, gave our bathroom a spruce, and added a bigger living room. We flew out CA based muralist and artist, Sandra Magana, to illustrate and paint 2 huge amazing murals.

She truly transformed what was just a basic cold hallway into an outdoor enchanted journey through our favorite seasons. This is definitely something to see so make sure you ask your stylist for a tour through fall, winter, and spring at our Spa.

-xoxo Clarissa