Mascara Madness with Kristen Traina

Looking for the perfect mascara? I think, as women, we all are!

I am constantly on the hunt for the best mascara -cheap or expensive! I am a makeup artist, as well as a hair colorist, so I not only apply mascara to myself but to others. What is the criteria for the best mascara? My criteria is no clumping, running or smudging, easy to remove,  and of course, making lashes look fuller and thicker than normal. I have tried everything from Maybelline to Chanel ($7-$40). For all my research this is what I have come up with:

MAYBELLINE-GREAT LASH- $8. It does not clump much but dries out fast not leaving a lot of usage and also does not give a full or luxurious lash. MAC MAKEUP- PRO LASH AND PRO LONGLASH ZOOM FINISH- $14 to $17. It is easy to remove and leaves a bit of luxurious lash but it clumps some and the tubes dry up fast. LANCOME-DEFINICILS- $34. No clumping or smudging and does not dry up fast but does not leave a luxurious lash. L'OREAL-VOLUMINOUS DRAMATIC- $8. It is easy to remove and gives a very luxurious and full lash but there is some clumping. CHANEL- EXCEPTIONNEL DE CHANEL INTENSE- $40. There is no clumping, has a nice application and is easy to remove but does not give the most luxurious lash. L'OREAL TELESCOPIC- $8. Winner! No smudge, or clumping, great brush and application and gives a very luxurious lash.

Based on my research, I would not suggest Chanel or Lancome if you want a very full lash. Do not buy MAC because you do not get your money's worth as they dry up too fast. However, I am very impressed with L'Oreal Voluminous and Telescopic.  I love my lashes with both of these and everyone I apply them to loves the result! Who says cheaper is not better? The price is right and my eyes are the proof! Let your eyes be the proof as well!