Summer Short Cuts

I think we were all taken a bit by surprise at the sudden onset of summer and are all managing in in our own way. Skirts and dresses are no longer accompanied by tights, boots are being exchanged with sandals, and many of us (myself included) immediately began scouring through Craiglist ads for an air conditioner.

Aside from the usual NY summer adjustments, I've recently noticed another heat-coping tactic here at Bloom.

Everyone is cutting their hair off!

Some serious cuts have been happening here. From middle of the back to above the shoulders. It's genius really. Nice and cool for summer and seriously cute. Strategic yet stylish.

Well done Bloomers. If I had something to cut off I'd join you!

Here's two of our Bloom geniuses.  We don't have before shots but trust me when I say, it was long!

Angeli Kakade came in to cut off her hair and donate it. Cute, cool and kind! Follow her on Twitter @angelikakade.  Cut by Clarissa Malek.


Freya Wilcox, recent Australia transplant, came in both out of boredom (with her hair!) and an attempt to deal with NY humidity. Follow her on Twitter @beatnholler or on Tumblr, myloverhatesme. Cut by Colby Rose (our stylist in training).

Inspired by these lovely ladies and their summer brilliance? Come on in!

<3 Marissa