Mane Tame Your Summer Hair

Last week Paula Casano's cousin, Josephine, came in for a little help in frizz control, also known as a Mane Tamer. So, being that this is the ideal season for it (summer humidity=when we need it the most!), we thought we'd seize the opportunity to tell you a little bit about it. First lets introduce you to our model..

This is Josephine!

As you can see she is quite lovely but the humidity has made her hair quite big and pretty unruly.

Don't worry! Paula is about to fix that!

Now let me tell you a little about Mane Tamer. First and foremost, Mane Tamer is NOT a keratin treatment and contains absolutely NO formaldehyde, aldehyde or lye.

Mane Tamer is a very mild hair relaxer that softens waves and curls, reduces volume and, of course, decreases frizz. Because the process is so gentle, it leaves the hair with integrity, body and movement and there is no regrowth line. Also, you only need to have a Mane Tamer once or twice a year!

Unfortunately, this process isn't for everyone. It is best for natural hair or hair that has only had single process color. That means if you have highlighted blonde hair, this isn't for you. Don't worry! We have a great treatment for you too. His name is Sal LoGerfo. Check him out at his site! (I'll give more info on him soon.)

Now, let's see Josephine's newly tamed hair!

Much better!!!

 Like magic!

Do you need some hair magic? Well you know where to go!