5 Minute Holiday Makeup

I've never been one to wear red lips. Mostly because I was never one to wear lipstick at all, but ever since I decided to take my hair from blonde to darkI've found a new love for red lipstick!

It's also been a long search for a red lip that stays on, is kissable without transferring and doesn't bleed. I've found it! So this Holiday season I've decided to rock my new found love for red stained lips and to share with you a few tips to on how to apply your makeup for the upcoming holiday.

Step One: When wearing red lipstick you should stick to lighter eyes. Try a sunkist gold with a bit of shimmer. I love RMS eyeshadow in Solar for the bright gold and Seduce for the dark bronze gold. I'm much more fond of the glossy eye look especially when I don't have time to use powder shadows and blend. Instead I just apply solar or seduce with my finger and blend it into my skin without the use of a brush.

tip: make sure you use index finger and apply from the lash line to the crease. Don't be afraid to blend with your finger. Also make sure to do your eyes before you do your foundation.

Step Two: Choose a black eyeshadow (Carbon from MAC is my fav!) and an angle brush (you can use the 266 brush from MAC) . Use the angled brush to apply the black shadow as a liner. I like this technique because instead of a pencil you can really get the eyeshadow into the lash line for a perfect eyeliner effect.

tip: Tap the shadow off the brush before you apply and make sure to press the brush into the lashes instead of dragging the brush.

Step 3: Clean your face with a makeup wipe or my new fav, RMS Raw Coconut Cream, before applying your mascara. This makes sure there's no fallout (eyeshadow under the eyes) before applying your foundation. Now you can apply your mascara.

Step 4: Apply your foundation. I prefer Un-cover Up by RMS for that dewy skin like coverage. I never use a liquid or powder foundation because I like my skin to look like nothing is on it. Un-cover Up is similar to a tinted moisturizer in weight but full in coverage like a liquid. After you apply your foundation it's time for blushing cheeks!

tip: Use your foundation a little at a time, less is more. Use a blush brush very lightly for a buffed effect.

Step 5: To keep things easy and short, I use RMS Lip2Cheek. It comes in many shades but for the holidays, and the perfect seductive red lip, I use Rapture.

Tap you blush brush in Rapture very lightly and apply to either your high cheekbone or the apples of your cheeks. Then use the same color for your lips.

Fact: This color works on every skin tone and hair color. It has a brown base as opposed to the orange or purple base that most red lipsticks have. Because Rapture has a brown base it looks amazing when applied heavily or blotted off for a stained look.

Step 6:

I like to finish it off with a little concealer (I use the un-cover up again because it's a concealer and foundation in-one) under the eyes and blended down the sides of my nose with my finger. Then I use an eyeshadow with an angle brush  like the one mentioned in step 2 for my brows. Last but not least I use RMS illuminator to brighten up the inside corner of the eyes and dab a little right above my blush. I think the illuminator is what makes all the difference!

Tip: Use you angle brush and apply the color starting at the arch of the brow. From the arch of the brow you can drag the brush out to extend your brow line and fill in any missing hairs. Without applying more color use your brush to outline the bottom of the brow from the beginning to the arch. Then swipe the brush up from your outline to fill in the rest of the brow. I use Espresso for Brunettes, Omega for blondes, Swiss Chocolate for red-heads, and Bruin for dark brunettes. All those colors can be found at MAC.

After practice this look should take five minutes. I will be glad to answer any questions you have. You can leave them in the comments below.

Also, let us know if you would like to join our mailer as we will be offering complimentary makeup classes!