Static Cling - Not Your Thing?

Happy Holidays everyone! We all know what a crazy time of year this is. So crazy that nobody thinks of static until you try to smooth down your hair with your gloved hands just before you enter that holiday party and it literally smacks you in the face.

In the winter months between the dry heat and cold, our hair is depleted of moisture, which can cause static. So if you have the type of hair that can't handle the extra leave in conditioner, here are some easy ways to get rid of the static in your hair.

  1. Spray static guard onto your hair brush, let it dry, then brush your hair with it.
  2. The most popular one, is the famous fabric softener sheet. Rub it on your hair and your clothes, and don't worry about zapping your party host when you greet them and hand over that bottle of wine!

Hope this checks one thing off the list, I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!!

~ Leeann