Bloom How: Galaxy Nails!

Tools needed:-Black Polish -THREE Different Shimmery Bottles of Nail Polish -Glitter Polish -Top Coat -Make-up Sponges -Q-Tips -Nail Polish Remover

1. Paint your nails with a black polish 2. Use a green metallic polish, pour a little bit of polish onto a paper towel, dip the corner of a makeup sponge into polish 3. Dab onto nail, don't cover the entire nail! 4. Repeat with a purple shimmer polish, dab color within the green using a different corner of the sponge, do the same with a cooper shimmer polish, dab color within purple (mix it up with different angles on each nail) 5. Use the glitter polish and paint random spots, but don't cover the whole nail (think clusters of stars!) 6. While letting it dry a little, use a q-tip and nail polish remover to clean up edges 7. Finish with a top coat

The ring is from our very own bloom shop! Come see the new pieces from Lauren Wolf Jewelry!

XO Claire