Bubbly at Bloom!

We popped open a bottle of bubbly a bit early in the salon this New Years Eve! We shared some last minute smiles, gave end of year hugs and discussed our goals for 2011. So we thought we would share...

Bloom Resolutions!

Clarissa - "To see the world! Or at least start to. With a 3 week trip to explore Asia and Europe."

Paula - "To encourage curly hair maintenance and education and to create awareness for Beauty From the Inside Out, my program for cancer patients." www.beautyfromtheinsideout.org

Kristen - "To lose the baby weight!"

Mune - "To get a gig on the set of a syndicated tv series."

Leeann - "To travel more, and actually plan it!"

Justin - "To not hesitate in trying new things"

Jenna - "To quit smoking"

Reena - "To eat healthier."

Nadira - "To be good to everyone."

Marissa - "To Create something new or do something creative every week."

That's our list! Share some of your New Years Resolutions with us! We'd love to know!


- Marissa

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