Can't Wait To See You

I'm usually a very patient person, but I cannot wait any longer for Michel Gondry's new film, MOOD INDIGO, to be released. Directed by Michel Gondry (who directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, one of my favorites,) it stars two French actors, the quirky & cute Audrey Tatou (from Amelie, also one of my favorites) and the very handsome Romain Duris. The movie has the classic love story behind it - guy meets girl, they fall in love, and get married... tragically, during their honeymoon she starts to develop a heart condition. It's a sad story, but in true Michel Gondry fashion he creates a feel-good world that is dreamy and also a little strange. Think of the couple swimming out of the church where they say "I do", flying in a bubble cloud, and driving away in their "Just Married" car made entirely of glass... Let's cross our fingers for a US release date soon!