Do It Yourself Dip-Dye!

Dip-Dyed locks seem to be all the rage  here at Bloom Beauty Lounge. Need a little color in your life but you're not ready to make the commitment just yet? No worries! Color bugs by Kevin Murphy are a fuss free temporary solution to give you this look now. The best part? They shampoo right out of the hair after one wash! Color bug is a chalk like shadow for the hair. These easy to apply colors can give you endless looks. To use, put a towel under your hair and simply swipe the Color Bug against your locks. Set with a bit of hairspray to keep the color in place. That's it! A fellow Bloomer posted her own blog on how she used these critters. Check out her blog here.These little buggers are available here at Bloom Beauty Lounge  in three different colors (ex: pink, purple, and a peachy orange). Add a couple of streaks of one shade to your hair or rock out with a few colors for a rainbow effect. Perhaps a colorful braid? Sure, why not?! Stop in soon if you are looking for a unique gift for a friend.. or a colorful present for yourself!