In Bloom - First Renovations

Welcome to Bloom Beauty Lounge, our home away from home. After lots of hardworking days with all of our staff's sweat, blood, and tears we've finally opened our doors. It was honestly an unbelievable task to complete. I believe the hardest part about it was being under a deadline to find and purchase all the beautiful pieces that bring this salon together. I wanted to spend years acquiring the most gorgeous vintage pieces, but you have to start somewhere!! We'd love to hear your thoughts on our renovations. We have so much more to do including the color area and the 700 sqft we have in a sub-basement level which we hope to use for our  wellness center which will open in the spring.

Now for all the little pieces that make it feel like a home away from home. The idea for the salon was to create a vintage chic space. It all started with the wallpaper. I found this amazing wallpaper on

It was so perfect because it was a little modern but it still keeps the chic vintage vibe we're going for. The couch we found and purchased through Anthropologie it was a floor model and severely marked down!  I had the lighting fixtures made at Bulb World at 121 Chrystie st. by Bowery. The great thing about Bulb World is no matter what you want they can make it! Just draw it and two days later you have your fixture!

There's so much more to be done and I can't wait to post about it so stay tunned!

Before Renovations: Front Desk
After Renovations: Front Desk

Before Renovations: Cutting Chairs
After Renovations: Cutting Chairs