Going Blonde!

A few weeks ago, Clarissa took me from red (the color she had been dying my hair for the last 6 years) back to blonde. See for yourself!

Going blonde can be quite the process, especially when you're coming from dark red. There's bleaching, painting, dying and then maybe some more bleaching. All in all, it can take quite a toll on your hair.

Now it looks gorgeous and ready for summer fun but it's just not as silky soft. While it does help to buy the proper shampoo and conditioner (which for me was Aestelance MC shampoo and Mud Mask) there is an even better solution! Two of them actually, and they can be found right here in our salon. Two precious hidden gems right here at Bloom and often described as having “magic hands.”

Reena and Nadira!

Last week, during a slight lull in the salon, Reena offered to give me an oil treatment and deep conditioning. I'd never had either done before, but I did know that my hair could definitely benefit from some extra moisture.


I was shocked at the difference two 20 minute treatments and one amazing head massage made to my hair and scalp. Silky soft once again! I must tell everyone!

So here I am spreading this new secret I have learned. The cure for the moisture starved strand! The secret to silk!

So come into Bloom and get a treatment! Or better yet, call me (since I'm the one who answers the phone) and book one. Reena, Nadira and their “magic hands” are waiting!