Hair and Makeup with Kristen Traina

Recently we did a photo shoot to showcase our talents for the web site. I love photo shoots and I love to be a part of them! For this shoot I did both hair and makeup. For hair I wanted to show off my dimensional color while also showing how natural and gorgeous color can be. I do believe we were all born perfect, but as a women, I also believe we can always enhance our natural beauty and take it up one more notch! Every women likes to feel beautiful and I love to spread that feeling! Here are two women I styled to show off dimensional color.

For makeup I wanted to exhibit both natural and dramatic. I personally love heavy makeup on myself but I realize this look is not for everyone and also enjoy using more neutral tones to enhance one's own natural beauty.

Here are the women I styled to display my love for makeup. I also did the makeup for the two lovely ladies up above!