Last Minute List

Like Oprah, I think we all have our favorite things for the holidays whether it be gifts or stocking stuffers. I conducted a survey, including both men and woman (and of course included some of my favorites), to get some things that make the holiday perfect! Here are 10 items and ideas to help you out with your last minute shopping! 1) Favorite album: Rihanna - Loud.  This album is different from her previous albums! It gets you ready to dance and puts you in the best mood!

2) Favorite gift certificates: Bloom Beauty Lounge (of course!), Best Buy, or your recipient's favorite restaurant.

3) Favorite hair products: (for woman) - Moroccan Oil  (for men) - Kevin Murphy Easy Rider

4) Favorite movie on DVD or Blu Ray: Avatar

5) Favorite cozy gift: UGG slippers. They are so comfortable! While they may not be something we would purchase for ourselves it is an amazing gift! They are a very guilty pleasure and you may find yourself even wearing them outside.

6)Favorite candy: Peppermint Bark by William and Sonoma or Jo Jo's from Trader Joe's (peppermint Oreos - you cannot eat just one!)

7)Favorite workout items: Reebok and Fila came out with toning pants that hold you in and help tone while you workout. Experts believe they may even give you an edge and make you work out harder. When you feel better in your clothing your workouts are better!

8)Favorite cheap (but always appreciated) gift: For Women - maincure/pedicure   For Men - gift card to Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts

9)Favorite item for the house: This question had the most varying answer so here are the top answers -

a)Espresso maker or Krupps one cup coffee maker b)Surround sound system (not expensive and can be hooked up to TV) c)Bose-noise cancelling headset or docking station d)Humidor for cigars (for men mostly) e)The rabbit wine opener-gets your wine open fast after a long day!

10) Favorite sleeping item: A blanket called "Do not Freak it is Faux" is the top of my list! It is so soft and snuggly and has helped me sleep so well. It has a fur-like appearance but DO NOT FREAK! It is faux! Beside being so beautiful to look at this is the nicest blanket or throw you could ever want to own. Coming in 2 sizes of either a throw or a blanket. It is at the top of my list as the most luxurious gift you could ever buy for someone!

Happy Shopping!

~Kristen Traina