Pup Envy

Am I the only one who looks at a pup, on occasion, and thinks, "I would just love to be that little guy..." This was an especially contagious thought at the height of my collage career when the only thing more difficult than finals week was putting together a somewhat presentable outfit before my 8am botany class. I'd stare over at my teacup chihuahua, with envious eyes, as she lay cuddled on the exact spot my head was resting just moments ago. With no interest in learning about the various patterns of cacti growth, she got to stay soundly in her dreamscape while I muddled through unwashed dresses and mismatched socks.

Years later, and after having thought I'd outgrown my puppy envy, I stumbled across this Avenue 32 | Fashion Unleashed shoot. Ugh.. and the green monster raises it's lustful head again... "I want to be him!!"

Bisous X Cyndee