L&O: Make It Your Own

The average person spends nearly 350 days worth of time in the shower, and that is only if you're in there for less than fifteen minutes a day!!

Today I realized just how wonderful that time can be spent. You see, I love spring... winter is nice sometimes, but nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers blooming all over the city. So, I created my own little springtime with scent tailored Lavender & Oak products. Not only are they good for me; paraben, petrochemical and sulfate-free; but by choosing from over twelve different essential oils I was able to tailor my hair products to remind me of the small pleasures in life! My choice? Lemongrass, lavender and geranium. So don't just let the moments pass you by, instead make every moment an experience that is all you own.

Lavender & Oak Cleanse ($27.99); Lavender & Oak Moisturize ($22.99); Lavender & Oak Leave-In ($22.99), Lavender & Oak Curl Cream ($22.99)