Selecting A Stylist For You

Are you on the hunt for a new stylist but maybe you've had bad experiences and are having a hard time finding someone to trust? Finding the right person can take time. It's not just about your hair. It's about finding someone you can communicate with and who inspires you. It's honestly like dating. There are stylist profiles and photos to search through. Sound familiar? From experience, I've met clients who I could completely connect to and give exactly what they want and I've also had clients that I didn't think I was the right person for.  No matter what, it takes time to find the right person for you.

So take your time reading our stylist's profiles. When you call to make an appointment ask about who you think you would be best suited with. If you still don't know exactly who you're looking for, then schedule a consultation. If the stylist doesn't feel like it's a good match they'll certainly put you in the right stylist's chair.

For me, what makes Bloom special is that all of our stylists are uniquely different. This not only creates a well balanced team at Bloom but it also allows every Bloomer, new or existing, to find the right stylist for them. If you find you're not connecting with your stylist, we will find you the perfect match at Bloom. We're all in this together and our goal is to make you feel beautiful and empowered.