Simple and Stylish

Alyssa is a loyal longtime client of mine. She likes to keep her hair long, so we trim it every 3 months to keep it healthy. The texture is fine and slightly wavy, and without the right cut it can fall flat easily. I keep the layers long in the back to keep it full and healthy, and do shorter layers to her chin so there is still movement and body.

Her hair seems to catch everyone's eye as many people have come in requesting her style. Last time she was in, I asked her what her routine is. She said, after its towel dried she sprays it with hair spray, blow dries it upside down, then takes big sections and wraps it around a curling iron for a minute. Thats it! She said she never thought her hair could be so easy! Hearing words like that remind me why I love what I do!

Thanks Alyssa...see you in a few weeks!!