Summer of Color!

Summer of Color! So it's officially summer and that means it's officially HOT!

Winter and even spring wardrobe accessories have been rendered useless. Along with the sweaters and scarves, you can pack up all your black clothes (it's way to hot for that!) and maybe even your whites (because your summer sweat could get you entered in the nearest wet t-shirt contest).

This summer is all about color! It's everywhere! Just this morning, I wedged myself between a flowing neon pink skirt and bright orange patterned "Hammer" pants, on the subway. That's right. I said "Hammer" pants.

Hammer pants aside, Bloom is embracing this season of color. We don't think you should let the fun stop at your clothes. Let your hair get in on the action!

Like these awesome clients..

Shaiyanne said this was one of the best salon experiences she ever had. Color by Kristen Traina. Cut by Justin Born.

April is looking as hot as it feels outside with her new burgundy locks. Color and cut by Clarissa Malek.

Want to add a little color to your summer?

Come on in!