When it comes to trends, I honestly have to say I'm not one to follow.  I like simplistic things that last over time, instead of a current fad that usually fades.  I'll be the girl with the 10 year old black blazer in my closet, that I still wear.  My best friend on the other hand will have that Wilson's, ivory-white leather dress from '95, that she only got to wear that year.  I'll wear black mascara no matter what, and she'll have her collection of blues and violets that match her nails. As a hair dresser, I meet all kinds of people, hear about different lifestyles, and see many trends come and go each and every single day of my life.  I like to stick with classy, sexy, beautiful, with an edge of course. This season however, I noticed a trend that I quite honestly love, and have loved for sometime now.  While shopping on-line for new gym sneakers, I of course can't help but click on the Women's Apparel tab and spot the ever growing trend of drapey jackets, dresses, pants and cardigans.

Over the past month, I noticed there isn't one fashion magazine that does not feature an item of this design.  I think this trend is a great look because anyone can wear it, regardless of your age, figure or sex. It flatters all curves and can also hide the ones we don't want to share with the rest of the world.  This trend can be applied to all lifestyles as well regardless of whatever career you are in.

This look however can be worn incorrectly if layered too much being that it is drapey and needs room to flow.  This mistake can be avoided by layering with thin pieces from your closet (ie: camisoles, tank tops) that are more form fitting to allow that drapey cardigan, dress, or jacket to swing over your curves as you move about your day.  I found many options online, as you can too, by doing a google search.

This trend I am sure will be around for a while and last for decades to come. I put together a collage of some examples including a few of my favorites.

Can you guess the designer? :)

- Mune