Zooey & Joey

From her perfectly penciled eyeliner, signature blunt bangs, HelloGiggles.com , to her quirky girl next door attitude, my favorite girl from 2012 is Zooey Deschanel. You may consider me a hipster for liking the indie girl gone somewhat mainstream but I have much respect for my fellow entrepreneurial spirit. Plus her best friend is my biggest crush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt...

Need I say more?

As a musician, actress and internet startup queen, this triple threat can only make me feel more empowered to pursue my dreams. If you haven't watched New Girl then you truly are missing out, and if you missed this amazing New Years Eve video of my two besties then you haven't heard what music should sound like.   So for 2013, I decided that my inspiration for style will come from Miss Deschanel herself and of coarse hope that my wonderful husband will follow suit buy asking himself before he makes a purchase, "Would Mr. Levitt wear this?"   So if you're thinking you'd like to try and rock Zooey's bangs for this coming spring I say take a chance. It will absolutely make a statement!

 photo JosephGL-Zooey-Deschanel-joseph-gordon-levitt-12135092-500-406_zps1c3da184.jpeg