Book of Blooms

I don't claim to be a fancy flower presser, by any means, but boy oh boy do I love the look of delicate, paper thin, transparent pedals... such whimsy!! So, I've cultivated a bit of a technique one might learn in grade school for capturing the incandesce brought about by the sheer beauty of a two dimensional budding peony!! Take a book, preferably one of the Dickinson variety, and make sure it's big and heavy. Find your favorite passage or poem and flip the book wide open to that page. Then, take a fresh cut flower of your choosing (like I said before, I'm a fan of the peony) and lay it down between the pages. Finish this off by pressing closed the book, I'm usually found sitting on it  a bit at this point. Then remember to forget about it, put it back in your library and go about painting, knitting or acting... whatever it may be that catches your attention....

Then, six months from now, when you're happening upon the pages of "A Bird Came Down the Walk" you'll find a happy little surprise... A planer peony!! What a delight!