Bloom on Set

Recently I've been in and out of the salon working on some pretty cool videos! I love creating and I'm so excited to be working on some artistic creative projects where I can think outside the box. The first video that's been released you may have seen making it's rounds on MTV2. It's called "Nona's Reservoir" by Michael Francis. I spent a weekend in upstate New York a few months back when we had that last snow storm of the season. We weren't exactly preparing for a snow covered set. Actually I didn't properly prepare and froze my butt off on set! In the end all the hard work paid off. The snow that made filming this video very difficult added a special beauty to the video that I couldn't imagine without it.

Michael Francis is a very talented, and up and coming artist and really the nicest guys! I had the chance to hear his album and I really enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed working on it.