About Bloom 

I (Clarissa) opened Bloom in 2010. It wasn't a lifelong goal of mine to open a salon. In fact my career was in film and I never expected to leave it to work behind a chair. After moving to NYC in 2008 I found myself behind a chair and loving it. There's nothing like the relationship between a stylist and client. 

My love for working behind the chair was increased by my love affair with NYC. One day I found that the beloved salon I was working at would be closing. I was extremely sad to lose the family of stylists I grew with and the beautiful views of Gramercy park but none the less I knew I had to find a new home. 

Next thing you know I had 30 days to raise funds and find a location for Bloom. I would say by far it was the most insane moment of my life but entirely worth it. I didn't know much about running a business or how much gusto it would require to keep it afloat and at the young age of 24 my drive was purely optimism. 

My name is not on the front door and that was extremely important to me. I wanted a salon that made everyone feel like their voice could be heard and their craft be seen. Bloom is a salon dedicated to making everyone feel welcomed, and beautiful while using Organic and natural products. Bloom does not allow harsh chemicals to be used to ensure a safe environment for everyone and we take our time to educate and create lasting relationships between stylists and clients.