sal logerfo



Sal is Bloom’s retexturing expert! He offers Japanese straightening, retexturing, custom waves, de-frizzing and more!

Sal has been a hairstylist for over 35 years. As an educator and platform artist for Milbon, Iso & Zotos chemical companies traveling around the United States & Europe. his work has been featured in national & international publications and is a specialist in Japanese Thermal Straightening (throughout the U.S. and Brazil), retexturizing, and certified in the americAN WAVE. Being a premiere practitioner and master treatment wizard make Sal’s approach to retexturizing and straightening hair a wonder to behold. Always a perfectionist, the integrity of each client’s hair is paramount for Sal and he is dedicated to his clientèle. He is always eager to continue his own education to hone and update his skills.


Japanese Thermal hair straightening is a  technique developed in Japan, inspired by professional stylists to transform very curly, kinky hair into smooth straight hair. Liscio enables stylists to create a variety of textures – from sleek, pin-straight to natural straight with body – by providing all the necessary tools including straighteners, different ironing techniques, and protein treatments.

Hair consultation is a very important step in the hair straightening process. During the consultation, HE will listen to your needs, ask your hair history, assess the condition of your hair, and then decide what techniques should be used to achieve the results you want.

SAL will select the appropriate straightener and protection to achieve the texture and finish that you want. The straightener softens the cuticle layers on the surface of the hair and penetrates to cut the bonds between the proteins inside, preparing the hair for straightening. The Liscio system includes straighteners of different strengths to straighten and smooth all types of hair – from tight curls to loose curls to wavy. Straighteners are available in gel and cream form. SAL can select from the complete line of Liscio products to create any style desired, including pin-straight hair and naturally straight with body and movement. Liscio straighteners can also be used to soften curls and make the hair more manageable by eliminating frizz.

*Services are priced upon consultation