Stylist of the Month

You guys remember Claire, right?

I recently introduced her as one of our newest additions and also self-proclaimed “nail guru.”

Well she's been with us for 3 months now and it's been fantastic having her! So fantastic that she is our new Stylist of the Month!

For three months Claire has been using any down time to assist other stylists, bring in models to improve her techniques, and even wash dishes! Seriously this girl is always washing dishes. What a team player, because we all know nobody really likes washing dishes.

Thanks Claire!

So let's get to know her a little better...

As an update, she is still adoring New York, making jewelry and doing amazing things with her nails.

She is currently living in Bushwick and says the only thing that isn't perfect about her NY experience, to date, is that there aren't many places to get food delivered near her. Only living a few blocks away from her, I know exactly what she's talking about! Oh well. It's the price you pay for cheap(er) rent.

Claire tells me that when she isn't here at Bloom, her favorite past time is crafting. Now a lot of people say this, but I know for a fact she means it! Just the other day she came in to work wearing these fabulous glittery boots. When I complimented them she told me that she made them! She found a how to on Pinterest and did it!

(Here you can too!-

I'm convinced this girl's talents are never-ending! From her jewelry to her sparkly boots, not to mention the awesome hair cuts she has been turning out.

Claire has been cutting, coloring and styling hair since she was 15 and started vocational school. Though her first client sat in her chair long before that. You may know her. She goes by Barbie. She has probably been the first client of several generations of hairstylists. She's a pretty good sport really.

So thanks to Barbie, we now have Claire and all the amazing creativity she brings with her.

Thank you Barbie. From all of us!

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