A Guide to Identifying & Styling Your Curl Type

To maintain a curly hairstyle, you must first know the texture of your hair. From bone-straight 1 hair to the coil type 4 curl, every texture has different requirements. A basic understanding of your tresses will leave you better equipped to find products to combat frizz and keep the tendrils glossy and strong. If you’re unfamiliar with the type of curly hair you have, here’s a guide that will help you identify and style it.

A Guide to Different Curl Types

Type 2: Loose & Wavy Curls

Whereas Type 1 hair is straight, Type 2 contains waves. With Type 2A hair, strands are mostly straight, with a soft “S” shape at the ends. Because this hair is fine, some products can weigh down the strands. Less product is better. 

  • Type 2B has the S-shaped wave from the middle of the shaft to the end. After washing your locks and adding a moisturizer, use the plopping technique to add definition to your slightly curly hairstyle.

  • Type 2C hair features a defined wave from the roots to the ends.


When styling Type 2 hair makes sure to not brush, comb or towel dry your locks after conditioning them in the shower. Use your hands to squeegee out the water and press your product into the hair before scrunching your waves from the bottom to the roots. Let dry completely before putting your hands in your hair. Products we recommend: Lavender & Oak Curl Cream, Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray, Aestelance Trigel 

Type 3: Spiraling Texture

  • With 3A texture, strands are in tight spirals instead of loose waves.

  • If you have Type 3B and 3C hair, the curl is tight and the texture is coarse. Thick, coarse hair can frizz easily in humid conditions. We recommend only shampooing once a week but conditioning the hair daily or use a co-wash a few times a week like Restore from Kevin Murphy.

type 3 hair.JPG

With Type 3 hair after washing, conditioning or co-washing, we recommend not combing, brushing or towel drying your curls (unless you have a towel made for curls or use an old cotton T-Shirt). Press a light weight curl cream into the hair and scrunch with an anti-humidity and frizz control balm or soft gel. 

Products our stylists love, Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion, L&O Curl Cream and Balm

Type 4: Coiled Tresses 

  • Type 4A hair has a tighter curl pattern with strands featuring tight, small coils in prominent S shapes. Since you have fewer cuticle layers to keep the coils hydrated, use shea butter to retain moisture.

  • With Type 4B texture, coils feature a “Z” shape and the curl isn’t as noticeable. Type 4C hair is similar, but has a much tighter coil pattern. It will double in length if you pull a strand straight

type 4 curls.jpeg

All Type 4 curl patterns love creams, leave-in conditioners like Aestelance Balm  and heavier products as well as co-washes like Restore from Kevin Murphy or Conditioner from L&O. Try to only use co-washes to cleanse the scalp and condition your curls. As type 4 hair is fragile, you can also wear a satin scarf at night to lock in natural oils and prevent breakage from tossing and turning on your pillow.

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