Stylist of the Month


High five to Justin Born! He's our new stylist of the month!

Like the first signs of Autumn, Justin has blown us all away with his selfless acts of teamwork. He embodies the spirit of Bloom. We are a family dedicated to you and making you feel fabulous!

Each stylist here at Bloom has their own strengths and it is our goal to put you with the stylist that is best for you. Recently, Justin has referred some of his clients to another stylist because he felt they would be a better match, even if it meant a little less money in the bank.

That's teamwork. If we were a sports team we'd all be patting him on the butt!

Aside from being our MVP this month, Justin has always brought a little something special to work - and I'm not talking about his banana bunker! If you are one of his clients, I'm sure you know he is quite the storyteller and often our in-salon entertainment. Whether it be a detailed account of Mr. Shmitz or Franklin's - those are his cats -  latest tickle pickle adventures, some outlandish thing his grandmother said or the time he went on a date with a mortician, Justin always has us laughing.

About a year ago, he decided to give a shot at putting his natural talents and obvious good looks to work and started taking acting and improv classes. We'll see his name in lights one day I'm sure!

So get to know him now…


Since Halloween is right around the corner, what is your favorite candy?

Junior Mints.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Eeyore or Ernie (assuming John, his partner will be Bert)

What about Mr Shmitz and Franklin?

Batman and Superman.

What are you going to carve into your pumpkin?

A crescent moon. They are my latest obsession. I just bought earrings on Etsy.

What do you love about Fall?

The crisp air and the sunsets. It reminds me of the excitement of the first day of school. Even though I really didn't like school. (I bet he just liked the back to school shopping.)

What dish are you most looking forward to for Thanksgiving?

Mom's sweet potato casserole. It's like dessert but you can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

What will be the title of your off-broadway one man show?

"Totally Inappropriate" (Just so you know he didn't skip a beat with this answer and I think it's totally appropriate.)

What's your favorite thing about doing hair?

Making people feel better about themselves.

Which celebrity are you dying to give a hair makeover to?

Christina Aguilera. Take out the extensions and go back to glamorous and chic!


(PS: Click here to view Justin's Stylist Profile)