Beware the Brazilian!

Watch out Ladies!

Here at Bloom, where we often cater to the curly, we understand the dream of straight, silky, smooth tresses. We also always have your best interest in mind and at heart!

So beware! The silky smoothness, that the Brazilian blowout and Keratin treatments promise, comes at a cost! And we aren't talking dollar bills (although it does cost a lot of those too)! The stakes are much higher. It could cost you your health and in the most severe cases, your life!

Seriously. People have actually died from the fumes. The directions even instruct stylists and clients to wear a gas mask during the treatment. If that doesn't tell you how toxic this stuff is then I don't know what will!

The active ingredient in this mischievous concoction is formaldehyde. That's right – embalming fluid. Most of the solutions contain up to 10 times the amount of formaldehyde that the FDA considers to be safe! Many of the newer products are claiming to be formaldehyde free but this claim is either a lie or a loophole. Every Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatment, on the market, contains some sort of aldehyde and they are all harmful.

Even if you are able to sit through the watery eyes and throat irritation that the procedure will undoubtedly produce, that's not the end. The formaldehyde is activated by heat. This means that every time you apply heat to your hair (i.e. flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer) you are reactivating the chemical and releasing the harmful fumes all over again.

For all these reasons, Bloom will not offer these services. We will, however, offer you a much healthier alternative.

Sal LoGerfo is our retexturing expert. He can give you the silk and the shine without the toxic asthma-inducing fumes! He offers Liscio thermal reconditioning and smooth control – both healthier ways to smooth and de-frizz.

For more information on Sal, the services he offers, his rave reviews and warnings against the Brazilian blowout go to

Give us a call and set up a complimentary consultation with him. Your hair and your lungs will thank you!


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