Here Comes The B....loom Product Line

For the last 9 months Bloom has been working on our very own product line, and it will be called...drum roll please...Lavender and Oak!! We're all so very excited for its release and I thought I might share some photos of items we've found that will inspire us through the design process. These are not images of our line but just images of products and packaging that have inspired us. We're hoping to start creating some excitement!

Lavender and Oak products will be paraben, petrochemical and sulfate free; all made with organic ingredients. We also feel very strongly on making sure that everything we use is locally sourced and made with sustainable ingredients and packaging. Therefore, everything from the ingredients to the bottles, and even the labeling, will be manufactured here in the US.

We're starting our line with four products; a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and a curl cream. If there's a specific product you've been hoping to find, let us know on Bloom's Facebook. Your feedback is of the utmost importance to us!! So stay tunned for our May 1st launch and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest if you'd like to hear more about our upcoming line!

XO Clarissa