Bloom Books: It's Not You, It's Me

Robert "Bobby" Hold, Jr., is a nationally registered and certified Physician Assistant (MPAS, PA-C), currently based out of New York City. Bobby has recently written and published a new book entitled "It's Not You, It's Me: The Most Important Break Up Of Your Life... Ending Your Relationship With Obesity." His book is the candid and honest story of how he lost over one hundred pounds, through good old fashioned diet and exercise. By personally accepting himself and his homosexuality, Bobby was able to face himself and face his fat.

In the book, Bobby boldly tackles a prevailing misconception about obesity that has long stigmatized a broad cross section of the population. “Popular logic will have us believing if a person is overweight, they should just stop overeating and they would lose the weight, but it’s not quite that simple,” he explains. “People who have never dealt with eating issues fail to realize that you can’t stop overeating until you figure out why you’re doing it in the first place. They don’t comprehend that there may be something else going on.”

Bobby's book skillfully digs beneath the psychological underpinnings of obesity with a genuine look at his own struggle with being overweight, unabashed truthfulness, and meticulous medical training. “My own story was one of trying to battle my personal issues,” he admits. With his powerfully resonant motto “Lose weight, find yourself"™ Robert is poised to make an impact on an industry that often issues out band-aid fixes for wounds requiring a more intense healing process.

For more information, such as before-and-after pictures and how to buy the book, head over to It's Not You, It's Me The Book or if you're ready to read Bobby Hold's transformative book (buy the book).