Hurry up and grow!

A client, and friend, of mine Jean seems to have been wanting to grow her hair out since I started cutting it two years ago.  She has been sporting a shorter, edgier cut for a while but would always show me photos of various inverted bobs.  We would embark on growing her hair out and then, because she would want a change or become bored, we would take the cut back to where we started. I thought a good solution would be to add highlights to her style to give her a change and distraction while her hair grew and it worked! We're now about eight months later and have transitioned into a new look!

It's always easy to cut our hair to get that instant change but growing seems to take much longer than it actually does!  I've worked with many clients to get them through the awkwardness or boredom of a grow out by changing up the color either with foils or a demi permanent. You can also try styling your hair different and incorporating hair accessories too.

- Justin