As many of you know (because you were there!) we hosted celebrity chef, Candice Kumai's book launch party. The next day, Clarissa – the lady in charge here at Bloom – gave each of us our own copy with a nice little thank you note for all our hard work.

Since then, I have been cooking from Pretty Delicious a few times a week and I'm in love! I am no chef! I need simple recipes that are tasty enough to win out over just picking up from one of the many temptations I pass on my way home. Pretty Delicious delivers!

This book has something else going for it that the restaurants that line New York's streets often do not. It's healthy! Seriously! You can cook and consume any of the recipes in this book guilt free!

Don't believe me? Ask Clarissa. She explains it all! ;)

Clarissa was lucky enough to take home a pre-print version of the book about a month early. After 3 weeks of cooking most her meals and snacks from the book and following her typical 3-day workout routine she lost six pounds and was feeling great!

Candice finds amazing ways to make foods that seem unhealthy, healthy. She has tips and tricks that I never would have thought of.”

I listened to Clarissa rave about the book for weeks and was super excited to try it out myself. Her favorite is the Berry Creamy Oatmeal, because up until Candice's recipe, she hated (but always wished she loved) oatmeal. Now she can't get enough of it!

If you got to try any of Candice's tasty treats at the party then you know what I'm talking about and should come buy a book! If not, then you should come buy a book so you can try them!

This book makes cooking for yourself fun, nutritious and well.. PRETTY DELICIOUS!