The Bloom Woman

Someone recently asked,  "What makes Bloom unique?" Good Question!

Of course we are very new and are still in the design stages of defining exactly what our vision is. We have been voted one of the best curly hair salons in New York City but that doesn't even begin to explain the whole package that Bloom has to offer. Even Paula Casano, our resident curly hair lead stylist, cuts straight, long, short and edgy hair as well. You name it, she cuts it, and cuts it well!

One thing I do know is our salon is very diverse. Every stylist is so unique to his or her own craft. Every one of them possesses more than the basic knowledge to cut, color and style any hair type but it's when you tap into their specialty or what they each love most about hair that you truly see their personality and talent shine. As the receptionist, here at Bloom, I am lucky enough to witness this everyday. I love seeing a new client walk in seeking change and exhausted from searching for the perfect stylist (because let's be honest it can be a long and tiresome hunt). They need a stylist who gets them. Who listens and envisions what they want and can also offer guiding feedback for those who just aren't sure. Then watching that same, yet completely transformed, client walk up to the desk beaming from ear to ear, unable to stop playing with her layers or flipping her curls. I've seen each and every stylist produce this reaction and I think it's because, not only are our stylists brimming with talent and love for what they do, but here at Bloom we really try to match each client with their perfect stylist. It's not just about hair type and texture, its about the relationships that we create. Here we recognize and appreciate that our clients are just as diverse as our staff and it takes so much more than technique to fully satisfy them.

For example, Mune and Leeann are best at long sexy layered hair and color. Having long sexy layers themselves, they will know exactly how to cut, color and style your tousled tresses. They typically attract the type of woman that always has the latest fashion magazine tucked into her purse for her subway commute. Or the woman who is constantly looking at for personal inspiration, as Mune is often doing. Jenna is very talkative and patient (for long stories and long curly hair)! She is also very detail oriented which makes her great not only with curly hair but, with the precision and exactness it takes for a great classic male haircut.  Kristen is your typical Long Island girl, born and raised. She is one fun-loving, hard-working tough cookie and she is also unparalleled in color correction. She is very methodical and meticulous when it comes to her craft and she will get you to your perfect tone and color.  Clarissa, born and raised in California, specializes in Blondes. Starting her career in the beach community she had to quickly learn how to create the perfect shade of blonde (a talent I can attest to as she recently took me from red to blonde - which is no easy task). Clarissa generally attracts the small town girl with a love for high fashion.

These are just a few examples of the diversity Bloom has to offer. Likewise the Bloom woman cannot be summed up in just a word, but if I had to pinpoint one thing that the women of Bloom (clients and stylists alike) all have in common, it would be this...

"The Bloom woman appreciates consistency and embraces change!"