Even though the weather can't decide if it's fall or summer we all know fall is in the air. This is the time for change. I love change and how it helps us step out of our comfort zones and into something that we might fear, but at least we'll be proud we tried it. Everyone keeps asking me what's in style for this fall season and I can't stop talking about balayage. Balayage is the most natural highlight you can put in your hair. It's a hand painted highlighting technique that can be used in very different ways, but my favorite is when it's used to create perfect sun bleached highlights. Here's a few examples of Balayage:

This fall however "Ombre" makes an appearance in everything that is hair. Ombre is a style of balayage that is a much edgier technique where your hair looks like a gradient of dark to light. Here's a few examples of the technique.

Ombre is the new "it" style for the moment but I sure hope this stays in style for a long time because it's beautiful, romantic and still a little edgy. Plus you rarely have to re-touch your highlights. I haven't touched mine in 6 months. So hey we live in NYC and change is good. So why not stop your 6 week highlighting routine and step into something new?