Bloom Goes Back to School!


Bloom Goes Back to School! As summer is approaching and students and teachers are no doubt salivating for their summer vacations to start, Bloom is going back to school! That's right! And willingly!

Our wonderful Manager of GSD (Getting Shit Done), Jackie, has arranged for a series of classes for our stylists so YOU can be certain that we are always up to date and in the know.

This industry is constantly changing with new trends, techniques and products. There is always more to learn!

At Bloom, not only do we want all of our stylists to be up to date but they want it too. They asked for it, like the overly enthusiastic kid in school who asks for more homework.

Last week we had one of our fist classes for the summer, a Wella blonding class. The results were beyond even our expectations!

We wrangled in two models, each blonde with a considerable amount of regrowth, and under the instruction of two Wella educators transformed their faded over-processed blondes into beautiful, bright and dimensional new shades, while learning some brand new techniques and color formulations in the process.

Our first model was Heidi Greenwood, Aussie transplant and Creative Director of indie label Paper Garden Records. Her hair was extremely over-processed, the color was lacking any depth and she was long overdue for a cut (which Colby, our stylist in training, took care of after color class)!

To add depth and dimension to her blonde, they used a herringbone foil pattern, a highlighting technique new to many of Bloom. The results were amazing and as you can see, Heidi looks great!

Our second model was opera singer, Amanda Gregory. She came to us with very chunky blonde highlights and a considerable amount of regrowth.

They did a double process to give her a solid light blonde and sliced lavender into her fringe, which she expressed upon leaving was so much more beautiful than she ever expected.

In the end, everyone was wowed and delighted! We do have more classes in the works, if you have any interest in being a model for us email me at

Until the next class..