Introducing the lovely Teddy Baker!

Meet our newest sylist Teddy Baker! She's a transplant (like most of us at Bloom) hailing from the ever-so-cool land of Austin, TX! She's brand new to New York, having only been here since the beginning of February. Why the big move? She wanted more opportunities to do editorial work, which is one of her greater passions...but this girl is also a very talented hairstylist who does pretty great color and haircuts. A few fun things we've been learning about her... She didn't make the move to NYC alone - she brought Biscuit, her 6 year old white lab mix, along. We haven't met Biscuit yet but have been told that she has extra toes and small ears. She sounds like such a cutie. Teddy's big into collecting things - she has collections of silly hats, vintage clothing, and vintage dolls. Italian food is her favorite, but when she cooks at home, she's all about the Mexican food.

You can check read more about Teddy here.

Teddy is quite awesome, and the perfect addition to the Bloom family. We're so happy to have her!